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answering your robotic knee replacement FAQs

Answering your robotic knee replacement FAQs

Robotic knee replacement surgery is becoming increasingly popular, with even the National Institute for Heart Research (NIHR) recently funding a trial into its potential benefits for the NHS. However, there are still misconceptions about…
Knee replacement case study

“It’s transformed my life”: my knee replacement story

Graham Morris first met Mr Neil Hunt 13 years ago when Neil performed successful knee reconstruction surgery after a number of previous knee operations by other surgeons did not provide the desired results. This gave Graham the confidence to…
Knee osteotomy or knee replacement

Knee osteotomy can prevent or delay the need for a knee replacement

Although age is still a critical factor in the progression of knee osteoarthritis and the need for a knee replacement, we are seeing increasing numbers of younger patients presenting with advanced wear and tear of the knee joint. Physically…
benefits of robotic knee replacement

New studies evaluate the benefits of robotic knee replacement 

The development of robotic knee replacement can be traced back to the early 2000s, and an increasing body of clinical research has been published to quantify its benefits. Recently, a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons…
running knee injury

How running affects your knees

For those running the London Marathon on 21 April, you’ll now be entering the tapering stage, reducing your weekly mileage and allowing your joints to recover, muscles to repair, and body to recharge for that final test of your endurance. Could…
Preparing your Knees for Skiing

Preparing your Knees for Skiing

Following on from our previous article about what to do if an injury occurs on the slopes, here we recommend some pre-skiing exercises for preparing your knees for skiing. To ensure a safe and enjoyable skiing experience, it's crucial to…
Mako Robotic Knee Surgery

Neil Hunt offers Mako Robotic Knee Surgery at new London hospital

Mr Neil Hunt is delighted to be seeing patients and performing surgery at the new, state-of-the-art Fortius Clinic on Wigmore Street. This newly established seven-storey, 79,000 sq ft, private orthopaedic hospital in the heart of London has…
knee injury on the slopes

Avoiding a knee injury on the slopes – a knee surgeon and ski enthusiast’s advice

As temperatures begin to drop, many people will be considering booking a ski holiday. Although ski injuries can be prevented with adequate preparation, accidents still happen. And knee injuries make up one-third of total recreational skiing…
Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery

The benefits of Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery

Medical technology is constantly evolving, leading to improvements in results. Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery has been a significant breakthrough over the past decade, helping to reshape the way we view knee surgery. What are the benefits…
Knee surgery conference in York
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Mr Neil Hunt hosts Knee Surgery Conference in York

Neil was delighted to host the 2023 Knee Discussion Club meeting in York in September. The meeting was attended by 40 of the country's top consultant specialist knee surgeons to discuss a range of issues related to knee surgery. They spent…
robotic knee surgery

Study finds lower complication rates after robotic knee surgery

Robotic technology has been making significant strides in the world of medicine, and knee surgery is no exception. A recent study published in Arthroplasty Today highlights the numerous benefits of using robotic assistance in knee replacement…
knee replacement surgery

When is the best time for knee replacement surgery?

Considering knee replacement surgery but unsure about the right time to do it? You’re not alone. Choosing the right time for knee replacement surgery is crucial for its success and your overall satisfaction. Here, we look at factors such…