The benefits of Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery

Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery

Medical technology is constantly evolving, leading to improvements in results. Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery has been a significant breakthrough over the past decade, helping to reshape the way we view knee surgery.

What are the benefits of Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery?

Compared with conventional knee surgery, robotic arm assisted surgery offers a range of potential benefits, principally increased accuracy in the planning and execution of the knee replacement.

One of the standout benefits of Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Surgery is its remarkable accuracy. The technology allows surgeons to plan to position implants in the best way for each individual patient. It then assists the surgeon in performing the surgery more accurately due to greater precision in the trimming of bone ends to fit the knee replacement with the removal of minimal bone. It also helps to reduce trauma to the soft tissues around the knee.

Before surgery, a CT scan generates an accurate 3D model of the patient’s joint anatomy. This enables the surgeon to plan the best position for the implants to give the best alignment and balance to the knee whilst removing the minimal amount of bone. The robotic arm then helps the surgeon trim the bone more accurately whilst preventing damage to the soft tissues.

When it comes to knee replacement surgery, accuracy is a prime factor in determining patient outcomes and robotic assisted knee surgery sets a new standard to help to achieve optimal outcomes for patients.

Neil Hunt is an experienced robotic knee surgeon and offers Mako Assisted Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in London and Leeds.