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Fees & Health Insurance

Neil is recognised by all major insurers as a fee-assured provider.

Fee schedule for outpatient consultations:

New Patient Consultation £250
Follow-up Consultation £150
Injection in clinic £100



Physiotherapy is usually a vital component of your treatment and sometimes might be the only treatment needed.


Imaging & Investigations

Often radiological imaging in the form of X-rays and MRI scans are needed to help make/confirm a diagnosis and plan treatment.


Knee exercises

The best way to prevent knee injuries and avoid surgery is to maintain strong and flexible muscles and joints. Knee pain and loss of function can also be alleviated by regular exercise. Remember, though, never do any exercise that increases pain.


These are some simple exercises to get you started.

A key principle to is to find exercises where you cvan exhaust your muscles but which don’t irritate your knee

An exercise program is an integral component of the treatment of any knee condition.

I recommend all my patients take advice from a good physiotherapist to help devise their own bespoke exercise program..

1. The straight leg raise

Simple, safe and effective.

Hold for 10 seconds and then relax.

Hang a weight over your ankle if it is too easy.

2. The terminal extension

Easy to do, Safe. Good for patella.

Place knee over pillow or rolled up towel then straighten your knee.

Hold for 10 seconds and then relax.

3. Wall squats

There is no benefit from doing these for longer than 3 minutes.

4. Half squats

Not past 90°.

5. Lunge

Not past 90°, not for too long, not suitable for those with anterior knee pain.

6. Bicycle work

This is one of safest exercises that is very unlikely to cause irritation to the knee.

Start with an exercise bike first at a low speed with low resistance. The speed and resistance can be gradually increased to develop increasingly good muscle function around the knee. It is also great for burning off calories, providing cardiovascular exercise and can be great fun!

Remember to keep seat high to avoid bending knee too much.

It is also a good activity to substitute in the long term for impact activities such as walking jogging or running as these are impact activities that are liable to irritate the knee in most conditions.

7. In the gym

Leg Press

Seat back initially, knee bending to 70°

This is a good exercise.

Hamstring Curl

Take care not to hyperextend the knee.

Step Machine

Start with small amplitude.

Use it as a warm up and prefatiguing exercise.

Can be aerobic.

  • Push against a step
  • Gravity
  • Pull back under a chair
  • Someone else gradually pushing it
  • Lying on your front
  • Lying or sitting
  • Bike – gradually lower the seat
  • Be persistent

Mr Neil Hunt

Specialist Knee Surgeon

Neil offers all aspects of knee surgery including arthroscopy or keyhole surgery, ligament reconstruction and sports knee surgery (from amateur to professional) and a full range of arthritis surgery including osteotomy (re-alignment), chondral and meniscal replacement techniques, uni-compartmental, partial and revision knee replacement and robotic knee replacement.

His aim is to maximise the function of all his patients throughout their lives by eliminating or reducing their pain, returning them to normal activities and, where possible, delaying the need for knee replacement.